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Paresh and Bhavana are highly experienced teachers in their field. Paresh in the field of Personality Development and Bhavana Motiwala for Early Childhood Development.


About Us

Circles of growth is all about development and “off school” education of children.

Soft Skills:

For this, we have now successfully trained 150+ students.

We have been the official Public Speaking Coach for the Miss India New England Pageant from 2012 to 2014. Several Miss India New England, Mrs. India New England, Miss India USA, Mrs. India USA and Miss India World Wide have been trained by us.

Under this, we teach children in the art and science of

  1. Public Speaking

  2. Debating

  3. Group Discussions

  4. Event Planning

  5. Leadership

  6. Advanced Public Speaking(Must be a prior graduate of Circles of Growth)

  7. Conversational Gujarati

  8. Conversational Hindi


These sessions are conducted in person or over Skype/Google Hangouts.

Recently we also developed a program for training employees of non-American origins to have proper communication skills, especially with customers in America.

Paresh Motiwala one of our trainers is a recognized social figure, leader and experienced speaker around the globe.


Public Speaking

06/13 - 08/22

Fear of Public Speaking ranks higher in Americans than fear of death. It is the most important soft skill you'll ever have. We have taught over 500 students and can have excellent references and results





01/19 - 01/23

Rise of politicians leaders and businessmen/women comes from their ability to successfully debate their opponents. We can help you get there.



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Interview Prep

01/19 - 01/23

Come learn the art and science of how to get and nail an interview in easy practical steps.



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Beauty Pageant Elevator Pitch

Selling yourself in 90 seconds is the key component of pageants. We can help you win that elusive title.



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Beauty Pagent

Q & A.

Answering questions at a beauty pageant is a huge skill. We can help you get that skill to win a title.



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Gujarati / Hindi

Learn to speaking Gujarati or Hindi with your family/friends customers across India



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