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Advanced Public Speaking Class

Take Your Public Speaking Skills to The Next Level

  • Started Jun 9
  • 1,000 US dollars
  • Manvel Office

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# Advanced Public Speaking: Empowering Confident Communication ## Course Overview: This dynamic course equips students with essential skills to communicate confidently and competently across diverse audiences. Whether you're a student, professional, or aspiring leader, this program will transform your ability to deliver impactful speeches and presentations. ## What You Will Learn: - *Clarity and Certainty*: Master the art of clear communication. Learn to express ideas with precision and conviction. - *Natural Demeanor*: Interact with authenticity and poise. Discover techniques to maintain composure and engage your audience naturally. - *Simplicity in Complexity*: Convey intricate material in a straightforward manner. Break down complex concepts into digestible insights. - *Overcoming Adversities*: Develop resilience and adaptability. Learn strategies to handle unexpected challenges during presentations. ## Why Should You Learn This? Since 2010, *Circles of Growth* (formerly known as First New Gurukul) has empowered students with the tools to deliver impactful speeches. By enrolling in this course, you'll gain: - *Confidence*: Present yourself as a prepared and informed speaker. - *Measurable Gains*: Improve your communication skills, both personally and professionally. - *Universal Appeal*: Acquire modern methods for creating compelling presentations that resonate with any audience. - *Leadership Opportunities*: Unlock pathways to leadership roles and financial success. ## Curriculum Highlights: 1. *Class 1: Review and Refine* (Basic Course Recap) - Refresh foundational concepts. - Analyze successful speeches through video discussions. 2. *Class 2 and 3: Storytelling* (100 marks each) - Explore the power of storytelling. - Craft narratives that captivate and inspire. 3. *Class 4 and 5: Informational Speaking* (200 marks each) - Learn effective ways to convey information. - Present complex data with clarity. 4. *Class 6 and 7: Inspirational Speeches* (100 marks each) - Inspire and motivate your audience. - Use rhetorical devices to create impact. 5. *Class 8 and 9: Persuasive Communication* (200 marks each) - Influence opinions and decisions. - Master persuasive techniques. 6. *Class 10 and Graduation: Your Graduation Speech* (400 marks) - Choose one speech type for your 50% refund after 1st class and no refunds after second class.

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Customers can only cancel their course by second week, when they will get 50% back. After second class no refund will be issued.

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